Less is More

Because of the high starch content in banana flour it allows you to use less flour than required in your everyday recipes.

Rule of thumb is to use 30% LESS Banana Flour than suggested flour.

Gluten Substitute

Banana flour mimics the results of wheat flour remarkably well making for an easy transition to banana flour in your everyday baking. Banana flour works well by itself, but it complements the likes of other flours wonderfully. However, some recipes do call for binding gums to obtain optimal consistency.

i.e.  2/3C Banana Flour for every 1C suggested flour

Taste and Texture

Green bananas have limited taste. When consumed raw, Zuvii Banana Flour has a hint of banana flavor, but once it becomes baked into your final creations the taste has a earthy wholesome flavor to it. The texture is light and fluffy, freeing you from gummy, gritty and grainy textures. You’ll have tough time believing it comes from bananas.

Alternative Usage

Add a boost in nutrients to your morning smoothie, add some thickness to your soups or sauces, or use as a great additive to natural homemade baby foods.

Banana Flour Health Benefits

Potassium – Zuvii Banana Flour incorporates the health benefits of 330mg per serving (1/4 cup), 12 bananas worth of potassium in every container.
All Natural – Zuvii Banana Flour is full of natural vitamins and minerals. Our banana flour is made from 100% all natural green bananas, no additives, preservatives, chemicals or dyes.
Resistant Starch – Zuvii Banana Flour contains RS2, an important form of resistant starch that is found in few foods. Resistant starch, unlike normal starches, is not digested in the small intestine, which results in numerous health benefits.

Why Zuvii Banana Flour

Easy to find packaging: Stands out more than any other product in its section on the grocery store shelves.
No Mess: Say goodbye to clips, rubber bands, Ziplock’s and broken flour bags. Our resealable container is mess free and easily stores in your kitchen.
Easy Use: You can scoop your measuring cup right in the container or easily pour out the required amount of banana flour for every recipe.
Recipes:  Zuvii has great and easy recipes for you to try.  Please visit our recipe page to find your favorite! Store in a dry cool place.

Daily Nutrition of Banana Flour

  • Resistant Starch RS2 – 20 g
  • Potassium – 330 mg
  • Dietary Fiber – 2 g
  • Protein – 1 g
  • Calcium – 4 mg
  • Sugar – 1 g
  • Total Carbohydrates – 25 g

How Banana Flour is Made

Banana flour is made by simply gathering unripe green bananas before the sugar content has fully developed, followed by peeling, slicing, drying, grinding, packaging and delivering to your kitchen.

Unripe Green Bananas    Peeled    Sliced    Dehyrated    Milled into Banana Flour

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