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Our mission is to deliver the highest quality certified products with outstanding service to our customers and partners. Zuvii products use the best sourced ingredients from around the world, carefully developed for a taste of perfection and deliver ultimate nutrition. We are a team of deeply responsible individuals who continuously strive to improve and perform at the highest level.

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A Few Testimonials

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    Chandra Paige

    Mom of gluten sensitive son

“It has been very good for my son…he’s 10 and always would get stomach ailments and gluten sensitive. He’s always loved pancakes but it was horrible for his stomach. He’s a happier kid to be able to eat them again and not fret how it will make him feel afterwards. I wanted to thank you and the company for a way for me to discover ways for him to be able to eat his favorite foods. Honestly it has changed his life.”

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    Shauna Ahern


“I love Banana Flour, it’s fantastic stuff, especially for Gluten Free baking.  It acts as a great binding agent and blends great with other GF flours.  Also, if you need to eat Resistant Starch, which is almost all of us, Banana Flour is one of the best sources for natural Resistant Starch.”

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    Gail Dvoretz

    Gluten Intolerance & Celiac Disease

“Two years ago I was desperate to find something to replace baking with grains when I came across your Green Banana Flour.  It saved my life…I was so food intolerant and reacted to everything but banana was always a safe food for me.  It was like my entire world opened up when I found I was able to make entire things from just one flour and nothing  else because there was nothing else I could use.”

Highest Standards

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